[How To]Handling a Baby Hamster Safely

Handling a Baby Hamster Safely

It’s important to know the correct way to handle a newborn baby hamster. Picking them up too early can be risky, as their mother might reject them if they carry a human scent. These tiny, delicate creatures are very alert and sensitive to their environment.

Handling a Baby Hamster Safely

The ideal age to start handling a baby hamster is when they are between 9 to 11 days old. Before lifting them, wash your hands to remove any strong scents. Approach them slowly and gently lift them, ensuring not to be too forceful.

Avoid picking up baby hamsters roughly as this can cause distress. It’s vital to establish trust and a bond with the hamster before attempting to handle them.

To prevent the hamster from feeling threatened, it’s important to be calm while handling them. A nervous or uncomfortable hamster might bite. Remember, baby hamsters are quick and playful, so avoid disturbing them during their play or sleep.

Introduce yourself to the baby hamster gradually. Start by spending time around them, washing your hands to eliminate any odors, especially if you’ve handled other pets. Playing with them in their cage, without direct contact at first, helps them recognize and get comfortable with your presence.

Offering their favorite foods can help build a bond. Observe their preferred choices and use these treats to encourage a positive association with you.

Before physically picking them up, get the hamster accustomed to your presence and touch. Pat them gently to build trust and show affection. This step is crucial in establishing a bond.

When ready to lift the hamster, place your hands in their cage in a non-threatening manner. If the hamster seems hesitant, give them time to adjust. Move your hands closer gradually, forming a cup shape to provide a sense of security.

Once the hamster seems comfortable, gently lift them using both hands to ensure their safety. If they seem to resist or get scared, try again later, maintaining patience and a gentle approach.

After successfully picking them up, hold them close to your body to provide security. Treat them kindly and provide a comfortable environment, including fresh food and toys.

Finally, when returning them to their cage, do it gently and with care. With time and patience, your hamster will start recognizing and looking forward to your presence.

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