[How To]Creating Homemade Hamster Playthings

Creating Homemade Hamster Playthings

Hamsters revel in the fun that toys provide. This guide will reveal ten creative and tested do-it-yourself ways to craft play items for your hamster using household materials.

Creating Homemade Hamster Playthings

To fashion hamster toys at home, gather materials like matchsticks, balloons, empty tissue boxes, adhesive, soft fabric, and a plastic bowl. With these, you can construct a variety of playthings such as mazes, ladders, bridges, tunnels, and more to keep your pet entertained.

These active little pets thrive on playtime and require stimulation throughout the day. Though commercial toys are available, they can be pricey and sometimes contain harmful substances. Homemade toys are a safer and more economical option, and they’re simple to create. They also offer much-needed exercise, keeping your hamster fit. For instance, a DIY running wheel provides both fun and a workout for your pet.

Your hamster might also enjoy a game of hide and seek. Building a maze or tunnel can enhance their habitat and prevent boredom, especially in smaller cages. Toys not only amuse but can also be useful for taming and health maintenance, like chew toys that help manage tooth growth.

Creating a Maze

Start with a cardboard base cut to your desired size. Erect walls by attaching 7-inch high strips at the corners with glue. Sketch out a labyrinth pattern, creating challenging tracks and endpoints. Modify the size as needed by cutting or joining pieces of cardboard. Erect barriers along the drawn paths using additional strips. Ensure the maze is spacious enough for your hamster’s comfort and secure the walls firmly for safe play. Add treats to entice your hamster into the maze.

DIY Chew Toys

Form chew balls by flattening a toilet paper roll and cutting it into strips. Weave the strips together to create a ball and hide treats inside. For a chew bag, wrap a strip of cardboard with tissue paper, adding treats inside the wrap. Refrain from using colored markers or pencils on these toys as the pigments could be harmful if ingested.

Building a Running Wheel

Craft the frame using two long and one short wooden bars. Assemble them in a T-shape and secure with a nail and screw. Attach a plastic bowl with a hole in the bottom to the frame to form the wheel. Ensure all parts are secure to prevent accidents during use.

Constructing a Ladder

Use equal-sized sticks, such as ice-cream sticks or chopsticks, and glue them together to form the ladder’s sides and rungs. Be mindful to remove excess glue to prevent your hamster from ingesting it and to smooth out any rough edges.

Making Tunnels

For a simple tunnel, join cut bottles together. To create a donut-shaped tunnel, coil a cut tissue roll and cover it with glued tissue paper pieces for a unique design.

Crafting Bridges

Make a bendy bridge by cutting slits into toilet paper rolls and threading wire through them. The flexible nature of the bridge allows for various configurations within the cage.

Balloon Toy

Cover an inflated balloon with tissue paper using non-toxic glue, leaving a large opening for the hamster to enter. When dry, pop the balloon, and the resulting paper shell serves as an engaging toy.

Stick Swing

Form a triangular frame from sticks and create a base by arranging and gluing additional sticks. Attach a string to the base and secure the swing to the frame, offering a fun perch for your hamster.


Craft a see-saw from a tube can, cutting out circular ends and attaching triangular supports painted in bright, non-toxic colors. Add strips for decoration and lollipop sticks for structure.


Tie strings to the corners of a clean towel for a simple hammock. For a more elaborate version, use two pieces of cloth, knotting strings at the corners and sewing the pieces together to create a cozy spot for your hamster to relax.

Each toy provides entertainment and helps keep your hamster’s mind and body active. With these easy-to-follow instructions, you can enrich your pet’s environment without the need for store-bought items.

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