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Why Hamsters Need Bedding

Hamsterpal Team | November 16, 2020
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If you head to the hamster section in the pet store and check the cages out, more often than not you’ll have trouble finding where the hamsters are. Some mistakenly think that the cage is empty, but in actual fact, the hamster has been digging and made itself a burrow to relax in. So why exactly is hamster bedding so important for your hamster?

Some bedding is designed for freshness and absorption which obviously gives benefits to you and your hamster, but lets take a look at why it’s so crucial for your hamster and its natural behavior.

Why hamsters need bedding

Wild hamsters dig burrows which they use to create tunnel systems that they live in. In hot climates, living underground provides a way for hamsters to keep cool. Domestic hamsters still share the same natural burrowing urge that wild hamsters have. This is why you’ll find your pet hamster loves to dig deep into it’s bedding and take food with it.

By providing your hamster with bedding, you’re giving it the means to burrow and nest as it would in the wild.

Hamsters need bedding to dig and bury things in, as well as a place to do their business. Bedding will also help your hamster to keep warm in the colder months. Would you like to try and sleep during a cold winter night without any bed sheets? The same principle applies to hamsters and their bedding.

Hamsters need space to burrow

As well as a supply of bedding, hamsters also need an adequate amount of space to dig and burrow. Here’s a great example of a domestic hamster doing what they do best.

Buying bedding versus homemade

Some more savvy hamster owners may choose to make their own bedding but we recommend always buying purpose-built bedding for hamsters. Buying bedding is fairly inexpensive, highly convenient but most importantly the safest option.

For somebody who isn’t sure what they’re doing, making a hamster bedding could be disastrous. Using the wrong materials could cause your hamster all sorts of problems so for that reason we recommend you opt for a hamster safe store-bought bedding.


Giving your hamster the right amount of bedding and space is vital for ensuring that they’re able to dig and burrow happily. Domestic hamsters still share the same natural urges wild hamsters have to go deep underground to stay warm, store food and get rest.

Providing your hamster with bedding will ultimately allow your hamster to feel comfortable, safe and secure in its home. As a hamster owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your hamster feels all of the above ways. For more information on bedding check out the bedding section of the site.