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How to Stop Your Hamster Biting the Cage

Hamsterpal Team | September 28, 2019
stop hamster biting the cage

Unfortunately for hamster owners, you sometimes have to put up with unwelcome noise coming from the cage. If you’ve made it this far it’s probably because you’ve grown tired of your hammy chewing the bars of its cage.

Why do they do it?

First of all, it’s essential you understand that gnawing things is very natural to hamsters. This is down to the fact that hamsters teeth never stop growing. Chewing is a good practice for ensuring that their teeth stay a healthy length.

How to stop them doing it

As we’ve mentioned, chewing is a healthy practice. If you’re going to try and stop your hamster chewing the bars of their cage, they’ll need to have something else available they enjoy chewing. Here’s a list of ways you can try to discourage your hamster from chewing its cage:

Buy chew toys:

Investing in toys for your hamster to chew is a good way to start. If your hamster cage doesn’t have anything else for your hamster to chew, chances are it won’t hesitate to chew on the cage’s bars. By investing in chew toys, you might find that your hamster has a new favorite thing to take its urge to chew out on.

Keep your cage clean:

Now, this seems like a strange one, but keeping your cage clean could have an impact on the problem.

Hamsters also choose to chew their cages because they’re distressed.

If your hamster spends lots of its time in a dirty cage, it’s likely to become stressed and uncomfortable. Ensuring your hamster’s cage is kept clean might also discourage it from chewing the bars of the cage.

Change cages:

The caveat to this approach is that you have to spend money when you probably have a perfectly good cage at the moment. That said, opting for a hamster cage made from a different material such as plastic often come without bars.

This is a surefire way to rid yourself of the problem but is one of the less budget-friendly options. We’d recommend trying other measures first before getting a new hamster cage. It’s also worth noting that if you do change the cage to one with no bars, make sure you supplement them with something else your hamster can chew on such as a toy.

Play with them more:

Allowing your hamster to get someone to one time with you helps keep them happy. As we mentioned earlier, chewing cage bars can be a sign of stress and ensuring that your hamster enjoys some exercise with its owner might help eradicate this stress.


If your hamster is chewing its cage and you’re worried, fear not. Chewing is completely natural for hamsters due to the fact their teeth never stop growing. If you’re keen on stopping them there’s a variety of measures you can take to discourage it, to recap we’ve listed these below:

  • Buying chew toys
  • Keeping the cage clean
  • Buying a new cage
  • Playing with your hamster more

Remember, you can’t remove your hamster’s ability to chew entirely so if you do buy a cage without bars, ensure that you provide your hamster with something to chew on.