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The Best Hamster Toys

Hamsterpal Team | September 28, 2019

One of the very best aspects of owning a hamster is the chance to watch them play and exercising with a wide range of toys.  In fact, it’s absolutely vital for a hamster’s wellbeing that they have enough well-constructed, durable, safe toys, and activities in their cage, which they are able to access day at night.

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The Best Hamster Toys


A good hamster toy will keep your hamster busy and make sure they have plenty of fun. That said, playful stimulation will differ from hamster to hamster. We’ve rounded up a variety of fun toys for hamsters so that you can decide which is best suited to your hamster.

Here’s a list of 5 great hamster toys you and your hamster will love.

Niteangel Small Animal Trio of Fun Balls Activity Toy

This pack of three woven balls offers your pet something really different.  Each ball is made of a natural, healthy material – seagrass, rattan, or water hyacinth.  No glue, plastic or anything harmful for your pet is used in the construction of this toy.  Because the texture and look of each ball is different, they really attract your pet’s imagination.

These balls can even be filled with snacks and treats so that your hamster has to work for a reward just as he would in the wild.  Chewing these 2.6″ diameter toy balls will help your hamster with tooth hygiene and dental health in general – remember, hamsters have to chew to keep their teeth the right length. Although these toys have a limited life, they are pretty inexpensive, and so represent excellent value for hamster fun.

Niteangel Natural Wooden Hamster and Mouse Tunnel Tube Toy Forest Hollow Tree Trunk

Rather a long name for a cute toy made from real natural wood.  The hollow tree look-alike has nine holes, perfect for your hamster to explore and yes, for him to chew on.  Great for the pet owner who favors a natural-looking habitat, this toy is safe for your pet, allowing him or her to have adventures running in and out of the holes and chew away at natural wood, just as they would in the wild.

You can fill this toy with treats or regular food to encourage activity and exploring.  Some hamsters will even drag their bedding into the Forest Hollow Tree Trunk Toy and make a cozy bed there. Inexpensive, great for tooth health, this toy offers a lot of hamster action for your dollar.

Kaytee Perfect Chews Hamster Toy

As the name suggests, this toy is just perfect for that all-important chewing exercise that your hamster needs.  Yummy, long-lasting, Perfect chews come with a variety of textures to encourage your hamster to get that chewing exercise that he or she needs.

These chews are completely safe for your pet, and very easy to hang in his cage, offering hours of fun and play.  An inexpensive toy, your little buddy will appreciate your thoughtfulness in supplying these healthy chews.

Niteangel Small Animal Suspension Bridge

This is a very cool toy, especially for the pet owner who favors the natural look.  This bridge is made for natural wooden sticks along with flexible wire struts and is almost two feet long.  Particularly suitable for wire cages, you can fix the bridge to join up key areas in your pet’s cage, or simply just allow him to run up and down.  You can change the position of the bridge as often as you like, so your pet gets a new, fresh challenge every time.  The bridge is easy to bend into a unique shape every time.

Ringing the changes with this bridge stimulates your hamster, and it’s very easy to change the position and shape of the bridge as often as you please. It’s especially easy if you have a wire cage.  Because it’s made from specially selected safe wood, your hamster can chew the bridge to his little heart’s content, giving a real boost to his dental health. Just inspect the bridge frequently to make sure that he hasn’t chewed it and made it unusable! The Niteangel Small Animal Suspension Bridge is an inexpensive and fun addition to your hamster’s toy box.

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler Small Animal Chew Toy

This four-inch diameter ball will keep your hamster occupied and enjoying himself for hours. It’s completely natural, with natural colors, and he’ll push it all around his cage – it’s chewy too!

This is a pretty long-lasting toy which your pet will find challenging and enjoyable, both to push around and for that healthy tooth gnawing.

Hamsters and Toys

In the wild, hamsters just go about their daily business.  They certainly don’t play with toys!  But in their daily natural life, they run, climb, dig, search for food, build nests, chew and generally have an active, exciting life.

If you put a hamster in a cage with little or nothing to do, it will soon become bored, fat, and unhealthy.

Teeth which don’t have good things to chew will become too long, little muscles will become week, and your hamster will lose his or her zest for life.

As a responsible pet owner, that’s the last thing you want to happen.  So it’s your job to provide your pet with an exciting environment with plenty of toys to have fun playing with.  After all, living in a cage isn’t a natural thing for an animal, so you have to make it the best experience that you can.

It’s a great idea to have a wide variety of toys and keep changing them around.  There are lots of good toys you can buy, but you can also improvise and make your own from things which you can find around the house or in the yard or the woods.  A mix of bought toys and made or found ones offers the ideal balance between high quality and budget-friendliness.

Playing Outside The Cage

Remember that you can take your hamster out of his cage for supervised play. Make sure he’s in a safe area where he can’t escape.  A concealed area such as a plastic paddling pool or baby bathtub makes a great play area. Set it up with toys, nibbles – you can even make a maze or an assault course!

Make sure other pets are not able to get into the room where you have set up the play area, and never leave your pet unsupervised.

What are the main kinds of hamster toys?

Wheels – this is the classic hamster toy and the first thing most people think of when choosing toys for their pet.  A wheel allows a hamster to run and run to its heart’s content, all while staying in one place.  Make sure your wheel is solid, so that little feet don’t get caught, and the radius should be just a little bigger than the length of your hamster, so he doesn’t have to make an exaggerated bend in his bodies when he exercises.


These are fun to push around, and many balls are hollow, so you can stuff them with food, treats or even luxury bedding.  This allows your pet to seek for food as he would in the wild. Balls often double up as chew toys, great for a hamster’s dental health. We’ve dedicated an entire article to hamster balls which we recommend reading.

Ladders and bridges

Ladders and bridges are placed in the cage to allow your hamster to travel around his environment in new and fun ways. It’s a great idea to change the position for these from time to time, to create variety and fresh challenges for your pet.

Chewy Toys

Chewies are specifically designed for well – chewing! Your hamster needs to chew, and it’s good for him or her to have purpose made toys for chewing, rather than say, the bars of the cage.

How To Choose Toys

There are many toys on the market, so how do you choose?  First of all, make sure that any toy you buy is specifically for pets.  That means, it isn’t made with colors or chemical which might harm your hamster.  Having said that, toys made for small human babies will also be safe, and yard sales are a good cheap source of supply of these.

Ensure that any toy you choose is robust, and doesn’t have small parts or sharp corners, an isn’t made of a brittle material which might injure your pet.  Some off brand or cheap imported hamster toys fail this test, so be on the alert.  Just because an item is sold for your pet, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe for him or her.

Cleaning Toys

Toys should be cleaned as often as you clean the cage, so, at least once a week.  Wash them in mild soapy water, removing any visible dirt such as poop.  Allow them to dry before you put them back in the cage.  Cleaning day is also a good day to swap out old toys for new.  Ringing the changes will keep your hamster happy, engaged and alert.  You will soon find out which are his favorite toys, and you can make sure he gets these most of the time.

Homemade Toys

One of the easiest toys to give your hamster is the cardboard tube from a toilet roll or kitchen towel roll.  Cut a few holes in the sides of the tube for your hamster to run in and out of, making them even more interesting.  They can have tremendous fun with these, and when they are mashed up, well, you can get a nice new one for free.  Unlike plastic tubes that you buy, these tunnels don’t need cleaning, so just throw them onto the compost and start again.

Take some colored yarn or non-plastic string, thread it through a toilet roll tube and suspend it from the roof of the cage at a height that means your hamster can climb in easily.  This is great fun, almost like a swing.

The bottom of a plain brown box (not a box with printing) makes a very simple but effective bed come play box.

A glass jelly jar with a large mouth, so that your pet can get in and out easily, can make a nice hiding place.  Using a jar that isn’t clear can allow for more privacy than a clear one. Make sure the jar is in a shady corner, so your pet doesn’t get too hot, and ensure the jar has no chips or cracks.

Add all the elements together – tunnels, balls, ladders and hidey holes, and you can create a mini assault course for your hamster.  Use your imagination, mix bought and homemade toys, and you will have a lot of fun, as well as a sense of achievement that you have created an environment that’s really good and enjoyable for your pet.